An early adaptation of THE BRAVE ARCHER

brave archerLouis Cha’s wuxia novel “The Brave Archer” has been adapted to film many times, most notably in the series Alexander Fu Sheng made for the Shaw Brothers studio. This promotional book is from a 1951 version (THE BRAVE ARCHER, 百戰神弓) directed by Wu Pang (胡鵬), who also directed most of the early Wong Fei-hung movies. The stars are Tso Tat-wah (曹達華), Shek Kin (石堅), Law Yim-hing (羅艷卿), Sek Yin-tsi (石燕子), and Lau Cham (劉湛, father of Lau Kar-leung), all well-regarded martial arts stars.


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