Ren Pengnian’s mystery movie

sarn woo toh

This ad for SARN WOO TOH [珊瑚島奪寶記], directed by the pioneering kung fu filmmaker Ren Pengnian, is from a Chinese-language magazine with no masthead or identifying information that I can find (and I’m unable to translate the title), but it appears to be from the late 1940s. The Hong Kong Film Archive gives the film’s release date as 1949, but Wu Lizhu, the martial arts actress who starred in most of Ren’s films (she was also his wife), looks younger in this portrait than she appears to be in other films from the era. I can’t help but wonder if the movie was shot before the war, maybe even when the couple still lived in Shanghai, and only completed in post-war Hong Kong. It looks like an ambitious project with an exotic safari theme. Very little information about SARN WOO TOH is available at this time.

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